Our Story

Founder Lynn Marks and her dog Cali

DogLog was inspired by our family’s life in San Francisco. We needed a system to coordinate caring for our dog, Joy. We wanted to ensure that she never went too long without being taken outside, or suceeded in tricking us into giving her double feedings. We needed an easier way to verify what Joy had and hadn’t done yet. After attempting to keep a log with sticky notes and texts, we developed DogLog to keep all dog-related information in one centralized place that was accessible by all family members. Now, we use DogLog to track Cali's (our puppy) health, feedings, and walks.

Help us improve DogLog

DogLog has been entirely self-funded by our dog-loving family. We offer DogLog as a free service because we want to help pet owners everywhere provide the best possible care for their pets. You can help us build new features, grow the DogLog community, and make it easier to care for your pets by making a contribution today.